Awakening Leaders

Transform your being

Do you know anyone who really embraces their own nature with gusto?  If you’ve met someone like that, they help you to feel more excited about your own life. More awareness, more motivation, more clarity. People who are really centred have a subtle energy that resonates beyond themselves.
Would you like to live deeply and powerfully at one with your deepest nature? Think what it would be like to live into the beat of your own heart and find yourself at home in a world of profound peace, joy and authentic self-expression.
The Awakened by Nature experience takes you to that place.


Is this you?

  • Feeling alienated in your life
  • Disconnected to parts of your existence
  • Experience a kind of hollow feeling, no matter how much you have or how much you accomplish
You may have already discovered a deep connection to life, perhaps had an awakening already of some sort and now you are seeking to deepen that further.

What do we do?

The Awakened by Nature experience provides a powerful holding space for healing and transformation and awakening of the Self.  You’ll learn how to take that experience and integrate it into your life.
Woven through your journey of discovery will be connection with nature and our small family herd of horses.  The horses are masterful at bringing us to a place of deep reflection and are a powerful way to access the ‘river of soul’ that runs deep in ourselves down below all the noise.
Curious? Intrigued? Got questions? Of course you have … just call me on 07977 405043 or  contact me by email and I’ll get right back to you.