I’m excited to meet you

Hi I’m Jenny Parry.
I grew up in an entrepreneurial business, apprenticed into it from a very young age, which gave me a passion for finding purpose and looking for the transformational edge. I directed my first company transformation at just 23 years old and realised that transformation is a people thing first.
I discovered my gift for enabling transformation and got trained in how to do it at a world class level.
In my career I’ve supported many business and leader transformations, but what transformed me however was nothing to do with work.  It was in my personal life that I found myself in the wilderness and only through the knowing of the wise beings I met did I really began to discover myself.  It was the beginning of my awakening.
My practice has changed irrevocably. I work as part of a team now, alongside three four legged colleagues.  We all live together in and around an old farmhouse that resonates with its own four hundred year story and wisdom. ,
I find I DO far less with clients now and yet much more is created. More space to transform gently, peacefully, easily. More space to turn gently towards life and to re-discover your joy, radiance and the courage to step into a fuller expression of your authenticity.   Life is a blessing, let’s live it to the full.