When you feel fragile, when you’ve lost your way. Those times you feel down and everything feels empty. When the losses seem overwhelming and the fear is crowding in; these are the times you can turn to us.
When the successes become meaningless, or the odds against success are daunting, when the environment feels hostile, or you feel stretched so thin it hurts. When life seems like a treadmill, just a sick game of survival; it is time to turn to us.
When your heart is breaking and your soul is weary, when joy is beyond remembering, come to us and we will hold you gently, so very gently in a space of peace and kindness while you mend, while you heal, until you find your centre and your flow, until you sense your own true path beneath your feet once more or even, perhaps, for the first time.
We are horses, we are nature, we are healers, counselors, guides. We are with you. Welcome.